This course that I will teach, - (which I have taught at many institutions internationally.) - is a course designed for making films with Visual Video manipulations.
We do this course involving the entire process of film making. We begin by showing the films that I have made dealing with Visual Manipulations, explaining the background and the work process. ....... (I have many works that I have Written and Directed involving 3D graphics, alongside 2D elements, - 3D meaning computer generated images, and 2D meaning real images that are being manipulated. ) I will go over these works with the students. - ....... WE start from the very beginning of building an outline, and then the process of writing a Script. .... We usually pick an area which will be a location setting where we all go to explore, - and where many of the scripts will take place. Then the students will all write short scripts, - and we will openly discuss and analysis them together. We then move onto the Storyboard Process. Each student will construct his or her storyboard. .... We then will concentrate on the types of visual manipulations that will enhance this particular story, - in other words, deal with the reason WHY these visual manipulations are strengthening the story line, - as well as how to construct them. We then go to the technical aspects, i.e., - How to use a Blue Screen, - How to use multi-images when you are building one compiled image.. 3D and 2D possibilities. .. Layering images on top of each other - How to Cut and Paste pieces from images onto other scenes, .. Effects... etc.

When the storyboards are ready, - the students will decide which of the projects are the most inviting, - and form into groups of 3-4 students. (This also gives the students experience in collective work, - they must all decide the final realisations together. )
We take the schools cameras, go out and film, - set up a blue screen area in the school where we learn how to shoot blue screen, put the material together in the schools editing units, using AFTER EFFECTS or FINAL CUT or Premier Pro to combine the manipulated images . Then the Sound Design work will be added to the image. The school should have many DV cameras,, - and also computers with Premier and Final Cut for editing, - Also AFTER EFFECTS or similar programs. We do not know how many of the students have experience in the use of these programs, but normally they learn them very quickly ... We do all of the filming, - meaning prepare the material, - and then put it together as they learn the programs themselves. (If this course is given to the further advanced students, - then they all have already gone through an introductory course of these editing/visual effects programs. We will make sure that we have a quick introductory course with who ever is responsible for running the editing machines.)

I began making Visual/Music Digital ‘Art’ Films in 1991, ( I also compose the music for my films,) - and they have won many International Awards, - ‘Prix Italia’, ‘Montraux Electronic Cinema Festival’. ‘IBC’ International Film Competition, Tokyo Hi-Definition Festival, - and they have shown in numerous International Festivals.