I begin this course by showing examples of Documentary Films that I have made over the years. These films have been made in different countries,, - and are spread from films on political subjects, International social issues, Investigative exposé’s, - to documentaries on Art, Culture, Music&Dance,etc. I give the background of each film, - and then explain the work process, - how it was made.

- Then we begin to work with the entire group.
Each will pick his or her own theme, and we ALL begin together, - openly . - so that all students can examine and comment on each others projects, - the entire process . This means: - 1. Finding your subject; - 2. Background Research, - 3. Structuring your research outline, - 4. Finding relative lines that correspond and compliment the main points of the outline. - 5. Deciding how and where one goes into the field, i.e. Interviews, Visual Material, Archive, etc. and - 6. Finding subjects with whom you will build your story,. ... Then, after going through the make up of the pre-production period , and then go into the theory of the production, (filming) period, - meaning we will then work on the following. 1. choosing your filming style, - 2. How to organise your material during filming, - 3. How to build the editing style of your story, - 4. Formulating a first version work copy, - 5. Editing/shortening it down in second version, third, etc. until you have your Final version. ...
After each student has suggested his or her subject, - and it has been discussed by the entire group, - The students will then choose which of the Documentary film Projects they would like to work on, ... ( As we go from where each has his/her own subject, into groups where 3-4 students work together on one film.) These Documentary ‘films’ will be reportage, - meaning short, 5-10 minuets pieces.
The groups then use the schools cameras, mics, etc, and go shoot there material. After the material has all been gathered, - The students enter the schools editing units, and begin to edit their films.- I will be supervising the editing period, - and when the works are finished, we will have a showing in the school.