My Madness Is My Love

Impressions of Vaslav Nijinski 58 min

Based on ‘the Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky’
Choreography: Jorma Elo
Dancers: Jorma Elo, Vaclav Kines, Nancy Euverink, Andrea Schermoly, Valentina Scaglia, Lukas Timulak
Actors: Joseph Fiennes, Kari Heiskanen
Written/Directed/Editor: Joe Davidow
Cinematography: Tahvo Hirvonen
Graphics: Pentti Kakkori, Tanja Bastimov

A film based on ‘The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky’ All of the TEXT here is from ‘THE DIARY OF VASLAV NIJINSKI’. All of the text coming from a most sensitive artistic genius who, being confronted with the horrors of war, betrayal and inhumanity of his society, - could no longer exist as the person he had been.

Hidden Passion

35 min. - KINOPRODUCTION OY/YLE TV1 – dance fiction

Based on the text of Julio Cortazar
Choreography: Jorma Uotinen
Dancers; Nina Hyvårinen, Sami Saikkonen, Jorma Uotinen
Cinematrography: Tahvo Hirvonen FSC

A man is reading a story of two lovers and their erotic passion. He can not pull himself away from this book. We view images from his mind based on the story that enthralls him. Who is the couple written about in this book? To which point will their passions lead them all? A film based on a ‘short story by Julio Cortazar’

The Man Who Never Was

47 min. – Kinoproduction Oy/Yle - DanceFiction

Based on the text of Fernando Pessoa
Choreography: Jorma Uotinen
Dancers: Jorma Uotinen, Leena Virtanen
Cinematography: Arto Kaivanto
Actors: Robert Powell
Composer: Joe Davidow
Computer Graphics: Pentti Kakkori
.... winner of PRIX ITALIA PERFORMANCE ARTS award.

This Digital Production combines the Poetry, Prose , and Essays of the great Portuguese writer, Fernando Pessoa, - with Computer images and Dance based on visual creations of his thoughts. … And when speaking of the ‘Thoughts’ of Fernando Pessoa, - one must realise that one is dealing not only with ‘his thougths’, - but also the thoughts of his Heteronyms, - under which he wrote and with whom he lived.


45 min. Helsinki City Theater dancers / YLE TV1 – dance documentary

Choreography: Carolyn Carlson

A documentary/’computer graphics interpretation’ of a work by Carolyn Carlson with the Helsinki City Theater Dance company.


29 min. – FRANCK FILMS/HDTV/TV1, Helsinki City Theater dancers - dance fiction
An original script a ‘Day in the Life’, - featuring an original magical view of Helsinki


30 min. - YLE/OLDSTARS – fiction-documentary

Choreography: Joanie Smith/Dan Shapiro
Dancers: Tarja Rinne, Jens Wallentinsson, Markku Nenonen, Janice Redman, Katri Soini, Ulla Mirsch, Tuija Paunio – with Eija Ahvo, Ulla Tapaninen, Timo Toikka, Tomi Makela, Jim Pembroke, Make Leivonen, Reiska Laine, Jone Takamäki

A ‘Making of Documentary’ of an original Theater production for the Helsinki Festival