Joe (Joseph Allen) Davidow

Studies: New York College of Music Moscow Conservatory Sibelius Academy, Helsinki (under Paavo Heininen)

Joe Davidow is an American composer/film director who has lived and worked in Europe since the 1970s. He has resided permanently in Finland since 1978.

His fields of activity include: Director of Film, Composer, Compositon for film, Video creations, theater, and multimedia works in general. Within the Feature Film/ Documentary fields, Joe Davidow also does the original scripts and the editing of his works. His Documentary films deal with social issues of poverty, discrimination, HIV and Aids, etc., - ranging from his home city of New York to South America and Africa. He also has made many Documentaries on Cutural issues.

In his role of electro-acoustic Composer, - he was an active participant in the group of composers who realised their works at the Finnish National Broadcast Experimental Music Studio. He has specialized in working with Dance, and has worked with the the leading choreographers in the country, - including original visual works and composition for The Finnish National Opera. His more recent emphasis is on visual/acoustic/digital Film productions.

Joe Davidow’s Films and Compositions have been represented at numerous international festivals, and have won many national and international Film and Compositon awards, including the pretigious PRIX ITALIA.